The Attention is in the Detail

Basic Maintenance Wash: FROM £20

  • Nanolex Pre-wash snow foam
  • Nanolex Professional wheel cleaner
  • Nanolex Pure Shampoo wash
  • Vehicle dry, tyre and rubber restorer


Extended Nanolex Maintenance Wash: From £50

  • Nanolex Pre-wash snow foam
  • Nanolex Professional wheel cleaner and iron remover
  • Nanolex Pure Shampoo wash
  • Rinse, Nanolex tar remover, 2nd Pure Shampoo wash
  • Rinse, Nanolex Washcoat snow foam, rinse
  • Vehicle dry, tyre and rubber restorer
  • Front 3 Interior glass Nanolex Glass Cleaner
  • Optional SiFinish add on £15 for extra protection and a deeper gloss finish)


Paint Correction Details:

  • Single Stage Gloss Enhancement; 1 to 2 Days – From £250
  • Two Stage Enhancement; 2 to 3 Days – From £350
  • Three Stage Full Correction; 3 to 4 Days – From £450


Wet Sanding and orange peel removal:

  • From £50 per panel including polishing and wax as standard or upgrade to Nanolex Ceramic Glass Coat From £15 extra (Per panel)

*Singular scratches can be removed upon request.


New car Application: FROM £450

Standard Si3D Application WHEELS ON; 2 days

  • Pre-wash, Shampoo, Clay Bar including glass, Glass polish exterior glazing, Single stage medium polish, EX wipe down (panel wipe).
  • Si3D application
  • Ultra Glass Application
  • Alloy Wheel sealant of choice (Si3D/Si3D Matte where possible)
  • Interior detail, Interior glass, Tyre and Rubber Restorer

+£50 for Interior Sealant
+£75 for Si3D BC (Base Coat) – 1 Layer
+£100 for upgrade to Si3D HD.
+£100 for WHEEL OFF application


Si3D Ultra Package: From £650

  • Pre-wash, Shampoo, Glass polish exterior glazing, Clay bar, Single stage medium polish, EX wipe down (panel wipe).
  • Si3D BC application 1-2 layers
  • Si3D HD application 1-2 layers
  • Ultra Glass Application
  • Alloy Wheel SiShield, or Si3D
  • Interior detail, Interior glass, Textile and leather sealant
  • Application of SiFinish


Glass Sealant Services:

Nanolex Glass Urban: From £40

The entry level glass sealant by Nanolex but very effective and great value.

Nanolex Glass Urban includes:

  • Claying the glass
  • Glass polish
  • Basic maintenance wash
  • Nanolex Urban Glass application
  • Up to 3 months durability


Nanolex Ultra Glass: From £100

  • Basic maintenance wash
  • Clay glass
  • Nanolex Glass Polish (all glass)
  • Interior glass clean
  • Application of Glass Ultra
  • Up to 24 months durability


Entry Level Sealant Applications:

Nanolex SiFinish – Up to 3 months protection: From £25

Nanolex Hybrid Wax – Up to 9 months protection: £40 per application


Back to basics:

Simple wash: From £20

Neutral PH shampoo, acid free wheel cleaner, tyre restorer & glass cleaner (Exterior)


In&out: From £40

As SIMPLE WASH with the interior vacuumed, centre console, steering wheel, front door cards and pedals wiped and then followed by the interior glass cleaned (front 3 only)



Vacuumed, all plastics cleaned and restored, seats and carpets & headlining shampoo’d and wet vac’d (If fabric), Leather seats cleaned and sealed, glass cleaned.

If your vehicle smells of cigarette smoke, pets smells etc can also be removed an additional cost.


Engine bay is air blown to remove any lose debris and then steam cleaned. All excess dirt is removed then all plastic panels are dressed.
We can polish the painted areas within the engine bay at an additional cost; POA

Paint less Dent Removal: POA

Wheel refurbishment: £75 per wheel

Soft-top protection: From £60

Soft-top re-colour and protection: From £150

Headlight Restoration: From £40

Interior clean: From £20

Have a question to ask or you would like make an enquiry  then please do not hesitate to call one of the team on 01525 211459.

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